Prof. Preim’s international MedVis lectures

Prof. Preim and his colleagues have translated all of his Medical Visualization lectures, for his own international students but also so that we could make them available on this site. They are a great companion to the book when you are setting up your Medical Visualization course!

3D Radiation Treatment Planning
Example of 3D Radiation Treatment Planning from the introduction

These slides  were significantly updated in 2015.

When you make use of this material, please attribute their author (Prof. Preim) and the book, and don’t forget any attributions in these slides themselves.

4 thoughts on “Prof. Preim’s international MedVis lectures”

  1. Lec12_Illustrative_Visualization – Illustrative Visualization.
    Lec13_VirEndoskopie – Virtual Endoscopy.
    the two resources cannot be downloaded, maybe the link is not correct

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