Where to buy

When trying to find the best place to order the book, do take note of the shipping costs, which can add up depending on where you live. See below for a number of options for buying the book. When trying to find a good place to order from, don’t forget to take note of the shipping costs.

(We will add more websites and stores as they become available. Please let us know if you run into any, or if the prices listed here are out of date.)

Student discount

While this money lasts, we are personally sponsoring €10 discount per book purchase made by a student. Send proof of your studentship, proof of your book purchase, as well as your paypal address or your European bank account details to me (Charl Botha – cpbotha@medvis.org) to make use of this offer. This is coming from a limited personal source with which we’d like to help students that really need the help, so please apply only if you fall in that category. 🙂

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