Extra resources pages get a boost

We’ve added more items, including a number of videos from vimeo, to the extra resources pages, all organised according to the most relevant book chapter. Please go take a look, and keep on sending us (info AT medvisbook.com) those interesting and relevant links!

Here’s an example from the Chapter 15: Visualization of Brain Connectivity page, the teaser video for “Exploration of the Brain’s White Matter Structure through Visual Abstraction and Multi-Scale Local Fiber Tract Contraction” by Everts et al.:


Advanced Medical Visualization tutorial at MICCAI 2015!

Bernhard Preim (University of Magdeburg, DE; author of and driving force behind the MedVis book) and Anna Vilanova (Delft University of Technology, NL) are organizing a tutorial on Advanced Medical Visualization at MICCAI 2015, one of the most important technical medical imaging conferences in the world today.


Judging by the list of topics and especially the list of speakers, I expect that this is going to be a great tutorial. If you’re going to MICCAI 2015, don’t miss this!


Companion MedVis lecture material now available

I am very happy to announce that Prof. Preim’s own MedVis lectures have been translated into English, and are now available right here!

3D  Radiation Treatment Planning


These are excellent source materials that you could use if you’re building a series of lectures around the book, or you’re just interested in the contents of the book.

We have more lecture materials that will be posted soon, so check back regularly!

The book is ready!

We were ecstatic to hear that the first orders of our new book, Visual Computing for Medicine, have been delivered to their new owners!

Go to this page to find out from where you can order yours, and to the about page if you would like to know more about the book.

On May 12, 2011 the first revision control commit was performed, and now readers are paging through the more than 800 pages of beautifully typeset medical visualization text and images. There are an additional 190 extra pages of exclusive online content. We are proud that this has been possible, and we hope that you enjoy the fruits of our labour!

All the best,
Bernhard Preim and Charl Botha

The new MedVisBook website is born!

Welcome all to the new MedVisBook website! This will act as the main web presence for the up and coming medical visualization book Visual Computing for Medicine (2nd edition).

The book should be released in December, but, as we’ve just discovered to our delight, can already be pre-ordered from Book Depository and Amazon. Please see the Where to buy page for more details, also on the special discount offer for poor students.

In the meantime, you can have a look at the book cover and the table of contents on the About page.

To be kept up to date with news about the book, please subscribe to this blog by entering your email address in the subscription widget right at the bottom of the page and then clicking on the orange subscribe button.

See you,

Bernhard and Charl