The second edition of the Visualization in Medicine book, retitled Visual Computing in Medicine to reflect its significant revision and broader treatment of the field, started appearing in readers’ hands by the end of 2013.

This is a significant rework of the previous 2007 edition. The book has been completely restructured, existing chapters have been significantly revised and new chapters have been written. (see below the cover design for more information about the contents)

Cover design
Cover design

You can download a PDF with the full table of contents. Note that this is a draft of the table of contents. The final typeset version will differ in terms of page numbering, especially due to the five online chapters, and in terms of general prettiness.

You can also view a sample of the book (table of contents and chapter one) via Google Books. (please let me know if this does NOT work)

The printed book has 836 pages with hundreds of colour figures. There are also an additional 190+ pages of exclusive online content which you can download for free.

The chapters are as follows:

  1. Introduction
    Part I: Acquisition, Analysis, and Interpretation of Medical Volume Data
  2. Acquisition of Medical Image Data
  3. An Introduction to Medical Visualization in Clinical Practice
  4. Image Analysis for Medical Visualization
  5. Human-Computer Interaction for Medical Visualization
    Part II: Visualization and Exploration of Medical Volume Data
  6. Surface Rendering
  7. Direct Volume Visualization
  8. Advanced Direct Volume Visualization, authored by Prof.dr. Timo Ropinski
  9. Volume Interaction
  10. Labeling and Measurements in Medical Visualization
    Part III: Advanced Medical Visualization Techniques
  11. Visualization of Vascular Structures
  12. Illustrative Medical Visualization
  13. Virtual Endoscopy
  14. Projections and Reformations – ONLINE
    Part IV: Visualization of High-Dimensional Medical Image Data
  15. Visualization of Brain Connectivity
  16. Visual Exploration and Analysis of Perfusion Data – ONLINE
    Part V: Treatment planning, guidance and training
  17. Computer-Assisted Surgery
  18. Image-Guided Surgery and Augmented Reality
  19. Visual Exploration of Simulated and Measured Flow Data
  20. Visual Computing for ENT Surgery Planning – ONLINE
  21. Computer-Assisted Medical Education – ONLINE
  22. Outlook – ONLINE

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