Chapter 19: Visual Exploration of Simulated and Measured Flow Data

Recent publications

Semi-automatic Vortex Flow Classification in 4D PC-MRI Data of the Aorta

In this great contribution by M. Meuschke, B. Köhler, U. Preim, B. Preim, and K. Lawonn you can read about Aortic Vortex Classification (AVOCLA), an algorithm that is able to classify semi-automatically blood flow vortices in the human aorta.

The full text is freely available on Research Gate, and there’s even a YouTube video with a narrated presentation of the findings:

Blood Flow Clustering and Applications in Virtual Stenting of Intracranial Aneurysms

Functional Cardiovascular MRI: Assessment, Visualization and Quantification of 3D Blood Flow Characteristics

This vimeo video does not allow embedding, so you have to click here to view it at vimeo itself.

VIS15 preview: Cluster Analysis of Vortical Flow in Simulations of Cerebral Aneurysm Hemodynamics